Subproject 1

SP1: Aerosol Source: Properties and Analytics

SP1 aims to provide detailed understanding of aerosol generation and composition as well as consolidated knowledge on virus quantity and activity in aerosol drops. We develop a BSL3 based testing chamber for analysis of filter units and inactivation efficacy. We develop novel portable and stationary units for sensitive and robust real-time detection and measurement of viral particles in breathing air and in aerosolized droplets. SP1 will cover the following R&D objectives:

  • Experimental data of aerosol quantity from the oral cavity and virus distribution in aerosols
  • Development of portable viral particle detection technology and demonstration within portable and static units for virus detection and inactivation in aerosols
  • Development of a small-scale aerosolization experimental unit in BSL3 laboratory setting for filter and virus inactivation testing by internal and external collaborators